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Catch22 maintains a sponsor relationship with the Catch22 Multi Academies Trust (the MAT), exercising control through being a member of the MAT and appointing Trustees.


The MAT, which is an independent charity, has its own Board made up of Trustees, senior executives and advisors, and oversees the Catch22 academy schools.


The Trustees are appointed to oversee the operations and strategic direction of the charity. As such, the objective is that they have significant experience of senior operational, strategic and educational leadership, combined with knowledge of young people in difficult situations more broadly.

The Everitt Academy Governors 

Chair of Governors/Safeguarding - Mr Cadman

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Governor/Teaching & Learning - Ms Service

Governor/Parent - Miss Moon

Governor/Staff - Mrs Morgan

Governor - Mrs Vigo Di Gallidoro

Governor - Mrs Tyler

Local Governing Bodies (LGB)


Everitt LGB Info