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Local Community

We have been making use of lockdown to think of how we can reach out to our local community to offer support from our staff and students, and how we as a school can make the most of the local community around us. 


This week, playing to the strengths of our staff, we have reached out and received encouraging responses.  Mrs Martin and team have made cookies to deliver to neighbours, Mrs Shiroka had this reply from our local parish - "how lovely that you and the students from the Everitt Academy are looking for community projects to become involved in, we would absolutely welcome your involvement and the opportunity to form stronger links with the Academy."  


Miss Palmer has contacted local schools games calendars to ask if we can be added to the inclusive sporting fixtures such as boccia, panathlon, wheelchair basketball etc.


More staff are collating a list of historical, cultural, natural events, museums, festivals and galleries so that we can build educational visits into our curriculum with greater depth. 


Our Advocate team are digging deep into Family Resource Services from Community Dentists to Emotional Wellbeing,  to help our families access what is available to them and to strength the induction package offered, with further staff members looking into improving our baseline assessment and educational support for new students.  


Everyone involved has shown enthusiasm and creativity using this time to access resources which will benefit the school, families, and our local area . We are looking forward to putting them into action.