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Executive Principal John Shanahan: 


The Ofsted report from June’s inspection obviously comes as a disappointment, however measures have already begun to address all the issues raised by Ofsted. 


Since the inspection report, Ofsted has ruled that our school’s improvement plan for the upcoming year is fit for purpose. The past year has caused a disruption to developing a clear leadership structure and to upskilling all our staff to meet SEND needs – improvements to both aspects over the summer period will address a number of issues raised in the report. The Ofsted-approved improvement plan will be enacted from the first day of this academic year and I am confident that this, along with the dedication and support of both staff and our local community, will result in an improved status at the next inspection.  


We have written to all parents and guardians at the school, and do encourage any of them who would like to discuss the report, to get in touch.




John Shanahan

Executive Principal